The story of company Salca-Asiago

The firm was first estabilished in 1955 with the production of household articles. In 1958 the employees were already 125.

In 1962 SALCA s.r.l. differentiated its production introducing in the catalogue pieces of English style. The positive answer of the foreign markets and good economic results led to an ever increasing specialization in the manifacture of 18th-19th Century English Period Furniture. At this stage, the number of employees stabilized around seventy.

salca asiago

Laying of the first stone. Second from left one of the founders Professor Luigi Solinas

Salca Asiago Carpentry

Late 1950s carpentry department

salca asiago

Tea cart from 1958

The ’70s

salca asiago

Salca Asiago stand Salone del Mobile – Milan ’70

In the late 70s there was a clear inversion of trend: the export diminished whereas the demands of the Italian market were constantly growing. The plant was renewed and the staff members were brought to 101.

After an initial really positive period, the firm went through a serious crisis culminated in 1986 with the shut-down of SALCA S.p.A. and the consequent establishement of SALCA-ASIAGO S.C. a R.L.

The activity continued with the production of furniture; in the meantime the building of a new plant was planned. Its construction took from 1991 to 1995. This brought the covered area of the firm to 4000 square metres. During the last ten years SALCA has experienced a constant economic development which has also determinated the production of an increasingly wider range of products.

salca asiago

Stabilimento nel 1951

The entrepreneurial spirit, common to all the members of the company and the consequent commitment, materialize in a very high quality-price ratio and in the ability to support a vast and detailed production, guaranteeing the highest quality in every execution phase.

The turning point: the union of two historical brands

Since 2021 the Salca-Asiago brand has been managed by DVS srl, which already owns the Casa Nobile brand.

The combination of two historical and important brands, as well as considerable production and commercial synergies, enriches both of their respective experiences and technologies.

Together the two companies offer more than 400 series products, as well as infinite solutions for customized luxury furniture.

salca asiago casanobile
salca asiago logo

Today, DVS srl is a firm where modern technology perfectly matches handicraft, thanks to an extremely high professionality of all partner-employees. We always have plain production in stock, for about 90% of the articles: this generally enables us to carry out the orders within 60 working days.

Salca Asiago Arredamenti Ambienti
Salca Asiago Arredamenti su misura